AZ Name Stories Elements

Below is a calendar of the sabbatical portion of the Arizona Name Stories Project. Concept work was formulated May-August of 2017. Elements were approved Fall 2017. Spring 2018 preliminary project elements were included in my JLS 131 and COM 131 courses, in which students wrote original articles for the Instagram page as a test. Plus, I applied for and received an Arizona Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Clearance Card, which gives me clearance to work in Arizona schools for my workshops. I also wrote a sample name story.

Sabbatical Timeline of Work (July- December 2018, averaging 40-50 hours/week over 20 weeks)

Week of July 23, Week of July 30, Week of August 6

  • Initial curriculum outline designed + coordinated with Knoles Elementary and Coconino High School for how/when workshops will be conducted. We (myself along with teachers & principals at these public schools) decided to do a 5-part, 3-day workshop at Coconino in September and a 6-week 6-part weekly workshop at Knoles as part of their STEP Fridays program.
  • Also researched current social media trends for most popular, most engaging, trending styles and formats for posts on Instagram and other social channels.
  • Additionally, began Arizona history research on the web and at the library. Found/decided to use the following great source materials for this project:
    • BOOKS
      • Arizona Place Names by Will C. Barnes, originally published in 1935 and updated in 1988. This is basically a dictionary of places in Arizona and first hand, researched accounts of how they were named and where they’re located.
      • The Study of Names by Frank Nuessel, 1992. This is a scholarly study in book form that looks at the whys and hows of naming.
    • WEB
      • Social Security Administration’s Baby Name Database The SSA has records on names and naming trends going back to 1900. Additionally, for some states, like Arizona, it has name data into the 1800s.
      • U.S.Geological Survey Place Name Database The USGS database has a record of place names all over the globe.
      • The American Name Society is a professional and academic society dedicated to onomastics trends, research and history. They publish the scholarly journal NAMES.
      • Behind the Name is a website that has been collecting historical name data, onomastics research, etymology research, and name trends by region across the globe for over a decade.

August 6-9, Promotion for elements of the global name stories project, including the Name Story Map and Names Survey.

August 10, the Arizona Name Stories logo design was completed and posted to Instagram:1ArizonaFlagLogowithStar

August 10-11, design GIF for AZ Women Mountains/Peaks story, which will go on Instagram as well as


Week of August 13:

  • Research and write initial draft of AZ Women Mountains/Peaks name story.
  • Narrowed list of 10 new name stories that I will write for this project. These posts will be divided into categories: Arizonan Women (1-4), Arizona City Names (by quadrant) (5-8), Holidays (9-10).
    1. Arizona Peaks/Mountains Named After Women
      • Mt. Lemmon (Sara Plummer Lemmon)
      • Mt. Emma (Emma Powell, aka Mrs. J.W. Powell)
      • Helen’s Dome (Helen Hackett)
      • Ayer Peak (Emma Ayer, aka Mrs. Edward E. Ayer)
      • Abbie Waterman Peak (Abbie Waterman)
    2. Lady Buildings
      • Doris Harper White Playhouse, home to Theatrikos Theatre Co. (Doris Harper White) in Flagstaff
      • Sharlot Hall Museum (Sharlot Hall) in Prescott
      • Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law at ASU (Sandra Day O’Connor) in Tempe
    3. NAU’s Women Namesakes
      • Bury Hall (Frances Bury)
      • Morton Hall (Mary Morton Pollock)
      • Weiss Art Museum (Marguerite Vettel Weiss)
    4. Grand Canyon Women
      • Tahuta Terrace (Tahuta Jones)
      • Dox Castle (Virginia Dox)
      • Georgie Rapid (Georgie White)
      • Rose Collom Collection at Grand Canyon Museum (Rose E. Collom)
    5. NW quadrant AZ: Prescott/Kingman/Lake Havasu City
    6. NE quadrant AZ: Flagstaff/Sedona/Winona
    7. SW quadrant AZ: Phoenix/Tucson/Oracle
    8. SE quadrant AZ: Yuma/Why/Brenda
    9. Christmas/Santa Claus/Snowflake (to post in December)
    10. Valentine/Love/Date (to post in February)

And made a custom Google Map with story locations (will add story text later):

AZ Name Stories Project Map screengrab

  • Finalized podcast content:

Considering this Possible Content for Podcasts:

  1. Marys of Arizona
    • Mary Riordan
    • Mary Costigan
    • Mary Kim Titla
    • Mary Jane Colter
    • Mary Bernard Aguirre
    • Mary Russell Ferrell Colton
    • Mary Mollie E. Fly
    • Mary V. Riley
    • Mary Morton Pollock
    • Mary Pyeatt (Marysvale, AZ namesake – one of 2 different towns w/this name)
  2. Mountain of Many Names – The San Fransisco Peaks aka San Fransisco Mountain, once called Sierra Napa, Sierra Sinagua (
    • Agassiz
    • Fremont
    • Humphrey’s
    • Doyle
    • Schultz
    • Abineau
    • Rees
    • Other Names of San Fransisco Peaks in their tribal names:
      • Dook’o’oosłííd—(Navajo)
      • Nuva’tukya’ovi—(Hopi)
      • Dził Tso—Dilzhe’e—(Apache)
      • Tsii Bina—Aa’ku—(Acoma)
      • Nuvaxatuh—Nuwuvi—(Southern Paiute)
      • Hvehasahpatch or Huassapatch—Havasu ‘Baaja—(Havasupai)
      • Wik’hanbaja—Hwal`bay—(Hualapai)
      • Wi:mun Kwa—(Yavapai)
      • Sunha K’hbchu Yalanne—A:shiwi (Zuni)
      • ‘Amat ‘Iikwe Nyava—Hamakhav—(Mojave)
  3. Why’d you pick that name? Interviews with Arizona parents on why their named their children as they did.
  • Researched thru archives and obtained permissions to use historical photos for these people/places from Cline Archives:
    • Mt. Emma (Emma Powell, aka Mrs. J.W. Powell) x2
    • Ayer Peak (Emma Ayer, aka Mrs. Edward E. Ayer) x2
    • Bury Hall (Frances Bury)
    • Georgie Rapid (Georgie White)
    • Sedona (Sedona Schenebly)
    • Lake Mary (Mary Riordan)
  • anchorpodcastlogoDownloaded Anchor, an app for making and publishing podcasts, and started learning how to use it.
  • Also have decided that for the podcasts, I will be doing audio versions of a few of the stories I’m writing and publishing on Instagram and The stories I was considering doing before aren’t all best for a podcast format. I’ll instead do a future name story on them in another format.
  • After researching the best formats for podcasts, I selected my podcast format: narrative nonfiction storytelling. These will be what are called micro podcasts, which are a new trend in podcasting, like Twitter is to blogging. Micro podcasts are five minutes or less and have a tight focus. They generally play a role in larger multimedia projects, which is exactly what I’m doing. Another benefit of this format  and style, I can have my students try the same for classes, be that 100-level cross-platform writing (like COM 131) or 400 level social media (like COM 402).
  • I wrote a script for my first podcast episode. I decided it would be Oracle, AZ because it is an interesting story and had lots of opportunity for sound pops.
  • I recorded the track for the episode & found audio sound effects and music.
  • This is the rough cut:
  • In addition to Oracle, I will do two other podcasts. I think those will be on the Doris Harper White Community Playhouse and on Name Stories of Living Arizonans. I plan to continue working on and producing additional podcasts after my sabbatical.
  • Met with Elementary School partner and went over basics of the workshop. We decided on a 5-part workshop, part 1-4 to be once a week for four weeks in September and part 5 will be in November and we will invite parents to see the work of the children. In October, the teacher will continue to work on revisions with students and add the project to her history, social studies, writing, reading, and geography units. She is so excited about the project that she hopes to get other teachers and staff at the school to participate and plans to use the project yearly in her classes from now on.
  • Was asked to be on the social media team for the Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators Arizona regional conference. I will be doing Instagram storytelling on this storytelling conference. I will also be attending the conference in September to help find an agent for a book related to this project, as well as my other nonfiction book ideas and the three novels I’ve already written.

Week of August 20

  • Take photos around Flagstaff of NAU campus places, Doris Harper White Community Playhouse, and of the historical monument to the Flagstaff pole.
  • Make high school workshop day one powerpoint
  • Make high school workshop powerpoint for day two and three.
  • Revise -final- AZ Name Stories participant release form
  • Create participant letters for parents for both the high school and elementary workshops: high school participation letter pdf, elementary participation letter pdf
  • Further research on subjects.
  • Write questions for Doris Harper White audio interview.
  • Interviewed Linda & Tony Sutera for the Doris Harper White story and podcast. Also recruited them to take part in the project by sharing their own name story.
  • Made gif for “Your Name Stories” – which will be what I call the segment of AZ Name Stories in which students and other people share their own name story.
  • Made elementary slideshows
  • Wrote and edited my own “Your Arizona Name Stories” on my name, Angele, and posted it to Instagram. This will serve as an example for others. I also made a sample folder with these elements: text of Angele story, selfie, name art.
  • Started an online course from the University of Texas to get a certificate in podcasting. Found out Anchor is not the way I’m going to go. Still deciding the new route.
  • Submitted official request to Cline Special Collections for permissions to use 7 historical photos in their archives. In May, I met with Jonathan Pringle with Special Collections, to assure I’d be given permission to use their photos for the project. It was approved at that time, but was told I still needed to submit paperwork for exact photos, which I did this week. In the spring, I already secured permission for using Mary Riordan’s photo from the Arizona Historical Society.
  • your_name_stories
  • Contacted Wayne State University to get further info on Doris Harper-White’s college days.
  • Created DHW gif:
  • dorisharperwhite

After further research on the people and places, I’ve finalized the list of Instagram name stories to write this semester, and noted the multimedia for each. Note I paired the list down to be able to focus on some places in greater detail within the Instagram text limits.

  1. Arizona Peaks/Mountains Named After Women (grx only)
    • Mt. Lemmon (Sara Plummer Lemmon)
    • Mt. Emma (Emma Powell, aka Mrs. J.W. Powell) (+historical photo)
    • Helen’s Dome (Helen Hackett)
    • Ayer Peak (Emma Ayer, aka Mrs. Edward E. Ayer) (+historical photo)
    • Abbie Waterman Peak (Abbie Waterman)
  2. NAU’s Women Namesakes (Aug 16 photos)
    • Bury Hall (Frances Bury) (+historical photo)
    • Morton Hall (Mary Morton Pollock)
    • Weiss Art Museum (Marguerite Hettel Weiss)
  3. Grand Canyon Women (Google Maps satellite images)
    • Tahuta Terrace (Tahuta Jones)
    • Dox Castle (Virginia Dox)
    • Georgie Rapid (Georgie White) (+historical photo)
  4. AZ Places: Doris Harper White Playhouse (Doris Harper White) (Aug 16 photo + others)
  5. AZ Places: Lake Mary (Mary Riordan) (grx+my photos+historical photo)
  6. AZ Cities: Sedona (grx+my photos+historical photo)
  7. AZ Cities: Flagstaff (grx+Aug 16 photos)
  8. AZ Cities: Oracle (grx+historical image of the ship)
  9. AZ Cities – Holiday edition: Christmas/Santa Claus/Snowflake (grx only)
  10. AZ Cities – Holiday edition: Valentine/Love/Date (grx only)
  11. Your Arizona Name Stories: Angelé


  1. Oracle
  2. Doris Harper White Community Playhouse
  3. People of Arizona Share their name stories

Week of August 27:

  • Continue to take the Podcasting certificate online course from UT Austin
  • Made the follow gifs for the updated stories as decided last week for changes to accommodate the content:


  • Converted all gifs to mp4 format for posting to Instagram
  • Posted and shared the “Lake Mary” story on Instagram and on Names Redefined
  • Received approval for historical images uses from Cline.
  • Submitted historical use requests for Thomas Knoles two images and audio interview plus audio from interview with Clifford White about Doris.
  • Gathered elements and research for Thomas Knoles story that I will write with students as a demo for the project in the Elementary Workshops.
  • Decided to add a Halloween themed name story. Then there were so many place names that are related to Halloween lore in Arizona, I made it a two-part series.
  • Also made the gifs for those:


  • Wrote/edited new versions of AZ Mountain/Peaks for website and to be a 2-parter on Instagram due to length. Will note for future stories. Will publish these on Labor Day.
  • Set up Hootsuite for future publishing of Instagram stories with only 1 photo. Plan to use this tool for the name stories from contributors, including students.
  • Created a fun new gif and vid for the Oracle story with a boat: oracle_map_boat
  • Did further research, wrote and published the AZ Name Story on NAU Women Namesakes. Decided being it was the first week of school it was a good time to publish it. Also, it can serve as an additional example for the workshops.

Week of September 3:

  • Continued Podcasting MOOC
  • Started a map making MOOC certificate course.
  • Did a mini-workshop with two Arizonan kids to work out the kinks for my month-long weekly elementary workshop. Resulted in two user-submitted AZ name stories as well as sample materials for the workshop: Ava and Ellerie.
  • Talked with researchers at Chicago’s Field Museum about Emma Ayer, namesake of Ayer’s Peak in the Grand Canyon.
  • Finished writing and researching and published this week’s story: Mountain Women
  • Talked with my elementary teacher partner in prep for the workshops starting. Got the list of 22 4th graders who will take part.
  • Prepped, made Google Slideshow adjustments and bought supplies for first elementary workshop – week 1
  • Made links for the workshop,, for easier access for participation.
  • Did the first workshop!
  • Made worksheets for week 2: in-class interviews, at-home interview
  • Set up an audio interview with Sedona Schnebly’s great granddaughter, writer/author Lisa Schnebly Heidinger for the end of September in Phoenix.

Week of September 10:

  • Continued Podcasting & Mapping courses
  • Published this week’s story: Oracle
  • Looked up all the kids in the elementary workshop’s name meanings and origins.
  • Prepped, made Google Slideshow adjustments and bought supplies for elementary workshop – week 2
  • Wrote next week’s story: Flagstaff
  • Bought domain name and set up the site.
  • Made a media publicity plan for after the workshop stories are published
  • Did the second elementary workshop!
  • Prepped for next week’s high school workshops, including doing a site visit with my teacher-partner for the workshop.
  • Took photos for the Sedona story

Week of September 17:

  • Continued Podcasting & Mapping courses
  • Published this week’s story: Flagstaff
  • Prepped, made Google Slideshow adjustments and got two new books (The Three Sedonas and a baby names dictionary) for elementary workshop – week 3
  • Wrote next week’s story: Grand Canyon Women
  • Did day 1 and 2 of the high school workshops.
  • Prepped for next week’s final high school workshop and final elementary workshop

Week of September 24:

  • Finished Podcasting & Mapping courses
  • Published this week’s story: Grand Canyon Women
  • Prepped, made Google Slideshow adjustments for elementary workshop – week 4
  • Wrote next week’s story: Scarizona Part 1
  • Did final high school workshop
  • Did the final elementary workshop. And discussed a plan with the teacher to do another future workshop with different students.