@AZnamestories Project

1ArizonaFlagLogowithStarThe Arizona Name Stories Project tells the stories of Arizonans, past and present. From nonfiction stories about the names of people and places in Arizona’s history to first-person narratives submitted by current Arizonans from all cultures and backgrounds, the project aims to create a “living history” on Instagram @AZnamestories, with longer, more detailed versions of the name stories here, on AZnamestories.com.

Current Arizona residents and people “from Arizona” are invited to write and submit their own name story and become part of the project.

In order to be considered for publication, the submitter must:

  1. Write an original name story with minimal grammar/spelling/punctuation errors 150-350 words long. Read a Name Story Sample as a guide or write your name story however you’d like. Include your Instagram handle in the byline, if you’d like to be tagged on Instagram when/if your story is published.
  2. Submit your name story and agree to the terms of publication/project participation here: SUBMIT YOUR STORY if you are 18 or older. If you prefer, or you are under 18, you can email your name story, photo/art, and your completed publication release form to NamesRedefined@ gmail.com.

Please note: Before publication, submissions may be edited for content, errors and/or length. Not all stories may be accepted for publication, though we hope to accept as many as possible! We won’t accept any story submission without a completed participant release form. We won’t separately notify you of acceptance, so you’ll just need to watch for your story to be published on our Instagram.

Follow @AZnamestories on Instagram to see other name stories and watch for publication of your story.

Comments on the @AZnamestories Instagram page will be deleted for hate speech and any other inappropriate, rude, offensive remarks, as determined solely by @AZnamestories editors.

Don’t live in Arizona? Anyone, anywhere in the world is invited to take part in the Name Story Map project and or take the name survey or submit a name story for NamesRedefined.com.

You can read Arizona Name Stories and other stories about names at NamesRedefined.com.