About NamesRedefined.com


A collection of multi-genre narratives

about and inspired by people, places, things, ideas,

and the names that define them.


This website is a collection of short stories, creative nonfiction, poems, and other stories about names. Like names themselves, this assembly fits into no single box. These pieces are part memoir, part journal, part fantasy, part history, part fact, part fiction, part of our collective past and future. There are also some simple definitions of names and their histories.

Names share a story in just a few letters. They are important and telling. Names can influence a person’s character, define us even. At the same time, they can become a reflection of us. We can define what a name means to another person because of their experiences with our name.  Every person you meet, every story you read or hear or see (be that in person with friends, family or co-workers, during a play or film, or while reading a book, newspaper, or magazine), their names become part of your collective feelings.

This assemblage explores the impact names can have on the lives of people by looking for connections in place, time and spirit, as well as underneath the surface of our interactions and experiences. The definitions of each name in the collection are investigated along with their origins and history. Some stories were birthed out of personal connections with a name; yet others blend truth and fiction. Some come completely from fragments, memories and word association exercises. Some pieces started as nonfiction and turned into fiction as I wrote. Some were named after many revisions, while others started with a name and I dug down to find the characters’ journeys. All started with the goal of a story and found their forms when I began typing.

There are also portions of this collection that are part of the Arizona Name Stories Project. Read more about that HERE. The project contains journalistic researched stories by Angelé as well as user-submissions (those are titled “Your Arizona Name Stories”).

Share your name story to be added to the upcoming book or NamesRedefined.com website by taking this survey and use hashtag #namestories on Twitter and tweet us @NamesRedefined. On Instagram, we share our word art and take requests for name, word and letter photos @wordsworthpictures.




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