Names Mix Tape (or songs that have a name as the title/ are name stories)

A little something different to start the new year off right. I’ve compiled what I’m calling the “Names Mix Tape.” My 8-year-old inviting a new friend over for his first playdate of 2018, a little girl named Matilda. My husband said he had to play him Waltzing Matilda, which got me thinking that there are lots of songs about names, or about people with a particular name, that other people with that same name become associated with.

That can be good or bad. For me, well, my mom named me Angelé, but apparently hated the song Angie by The Rolling Stones so much, she went out of her way to call me by a nickname that is so unrelated to my given name that it caused year after year of confusion in schools (and also maybe lead to my obsession with names and possibly also some sort of identity crisis). My sister’s first name is a song by The Searchers (Rosalie), so I guess my mom liked that one okay, though my sister goes by Rosie.

So I figured it was time to put together a name mix tape of great name songs. This Names Mix Tape filled with great songs that get stuck in your head, thanks to their stories/lyrics and melodies. (Click the links below to listen to the songs/watch the videos. If you have others to add, leave a comment below or tweet us!)

I think I’m going to have to make a Names Mix Tape, Volume 2, as there are SO many songs that are truly stories about names and redefined that name for their generation and generations to come!

Have suggestions for Volume 2?  Leave a comment below or tweet us @NamesRedefined!


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