Trump, a name of English roots. From The Oxford Universal Dictionary on Historical Principles, first published in 1933 in London and revised in 1955 in the USA, page 2256:

Trump dic. pic. aka a photograph of the word trump page 2256 in the 1955 version of The Oxford Universal Dictionary on Historical Principles.



  1. Corruption of triumph.
  2. One who proclaims loudly -1531
  3. A playing-card of that suit which for the time being ranks above the other three, so that any one such card cane ‘take’ any card of another suit. -1529
  4. An obsolete card game known as ‘ruff’ -1798
  5. To get up or devise in an unscrupulous way; to forge, fabricate, invent -1695
  6. A first-rate fellow; a ‘brick’ -1819


See also, Trumpery:

  1. Deceit, fraud, imposture, trickery – 1847
  2. Something of less value than it seems; hence, something of no value; trifles; trash, rubbish – 1456
  3. Of little or no value; paltry, insignificant; worthless, trashy -1576
  4. Quotes Shakespeare from The Winter’s Tale: “Ha, ha! what a fool Honesty is! and Trust, his sworn brother, a very simple gentleman! I have sold all my trumpery; not a counterfeit stone, not a ribbon, glass, pomander, brooch, table-book, ballad, knife, tape, glove, shoe-tie, bracelet, horn-ring, to keep my pack from fasting.” (In this same play Shakespeare famously gives us the stage direction: “Exit, pursued by a bear.”)
  5. Quotes Milton from Paradise Lost: “Embryos and idiots, eremites and friars, White, black, and grey, with all their trumpery.”
  6. Quotes DeFoe from The History of the Devil: “It being then as certain that there is a Devil, as that there is a God, I must from this time forward admit no more doubt of his existence…Now not to enter into all the metaphysical trumpery of his Schools… to conceive of a sublime fallen Arch-angel, attended with an innumerable host of degenerate, rebel Seraphs or Angels cast out of Heaven together; all guilty of inexpressible rebellion, and all suffering from that time, and to suffer for ever the eternal vengeance of the Almighty, in an inconceivable manner.”
Trumpery dic. pic.

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