Farkas – Hungarian for wolf. Also spelled Farkus.

Ah, Scut Farkus. He’s right up there with Scrooge and The Grinch for holiday bullies. As Philip Grecian wrote in the stage adaptation of Jean Shepheard’s classic film A Christmas Story:

What a rotten name! What kind of parents would name their kid Scut? Still, I have to admit, the name fit him. He was a wiry, malevolent, sneevily, snively bully.

Maybe his name made him the way he is? Afterall, Scut Farkas translates to short-tailed wolf or foolish wolf. That’s why the Peter & the Wolf music is played every time Farkas comes around in the film and the play. If you were wondering, Farkas is in the play and the film but was not in the short stories or novel (In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash) that the film and play were adapted from.

Here’s the script excerpt introducing Farkas:



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