Cagn- is the supreme god of the San people of southern Africa. He is the first being and the creator of the world. Cagn is a trickster god who can shape shift.

Once upon a time in Cagn, a world almost like ours on the other side of the galaxy, there was a pirate ship like none you’ve ever seen or heard of. The ship was magical and could shape-shift from a boat by sea to a dragon by air to a train on land. The three captains of this ship were special like this too, as were all of the people of Cagn.
Captain Emrys was the oldest. She was 19 years old. She would shift between a dragon, a monkey and a girl by snapping her fingers. Captain Ambrose was her younger sister. At 17 she was quite accomplished and could shift between an owl, a dolphin and a girl with a blink of her eye. Captain Lochlin was their younger brother of 15. He would shift between being a boy, an eagle and a shark by pulling his ear.
One day these three captains set sail in their pirate ship of Cagn to investigate odd lights that kept appearing just north of their island nation. The lights swirled in the sky green, pink, yellow, white and blue – flickering with whimsy. The three shifted to all their forms investigating the wonder of the lights but they still could not figure them out. So together they boarded their magical ship and decided to try going thru them to get a sample of the air, which twinkled like stars. The ship seemed to sail through it just fine, but as they looked backwards they noticed they were leaving their world through a mystical tunnel.
In an instant, they were transported to a blue planet. As they traveled into the air of this strange place, they struggled to shift. They held hands and took a deep breath. But the air was much harder to inhale then back in Cagn. It was transparent but not translucent. They flew around on their dragon pirate ship looking at the cities – bright lights, big buildings, but hardly anyone was playing outside. They traveled on to the plains, but were disturbed to see the animals in dark cages, not running free. They cried at the sight and the sounds of what they saw. How could a place that looks like home from afar be so different up close? The people, too many of them were fighting with their neighbors, stuck in ruts. They were hurrying too and fro like the ants. Their children joined them in the dirt and couldn’t manage to get themselves free.
Emrys, Ambrose and Lochlin went across this new world in the sea, in the air, and on the ground. They tried to comprehend, shifting into each of their forms to gather some sort of understanding. But they could not grasp what was happening in this place. It seemed to be melting. The three tried to set the people and animals free. But none would budge. They were too scared to leave their muddy homes.
The three returned to their ship and set sail back for the lights that had brought them here. What seemed magical at first turned to dismay. They repeated what brought them to this place in the lights and once again sailed through the tunnel back to Cagn. They again inhaled and to their relief they tasted the sweet, salty air of their home. They’d never again set sail for those lights. They enjoyed soaring the seas, tasting the air, and roaming the lands in their home. They thought they wanted adventure but realized that the other side of the universe was their opposite. It was the antimatter to their matter.


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