Abela – Hawaiian name meaning breath, breathing spirit.


Oxygen                       and gravity      bring us, again, to be.

In                     Out                  Stretch, deep

Hold it in                                 Repeat, repeat.

The pattern: hypnotic. Meditative stretch, it lulls me


Mind, racing. Years flicker past. Time travel. This. The key.

Seconds, years entwined in thought,               mine to keep

all at once, thoughts and days and minutes,     a quantum leap

together. I am wondering as I wander.                        Can you see


through my infinite mirror, reflecting

To the hot tub, snow flakes, fluttering from the midnight sky

like our personal stars, on eyelashes, magnifying the blue in your eyes

Exploring bodies, ideas, roads untraveled                   and the water’s warmth that day.


I drift back, snapped with time. Now. Here, again. Standing tall, lungs expand,        I fly.

I hear your voice, the whispers, the laughs, confessions, same as then, your sighs.

Together we are us and them. We are 5.                      Four, three, two, one.              Namaste.



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