Dolly – Doll and Dolly were used as nicknames from the 16th century for Dorothy. The name for the toy, the doll, actually derives from this name’s nickname, like the term teddy bear comes from Theodore Roosevelt. Dorothy is actually a combination of words from the Greek δωρον (doron) meaning gift and θεος (theos) meaning god.


#20factsaboutme in Twitter-ese

1 i ❤ being a mom 2 i LOVE to #write 3 & feel inspired 4 i ❤ scifi that explores alternate realities

5 wondering & pondering are the best ways to relax 6 i hate putting on lotion 7 i think about #quantumphysics too much

8 i enjoy watching kids shows 9 i ❤ riding @disneyland rides 10 i’m a foodie & care about where the food comes from

11 i’m writing a cool but possibly weird book 12 i miss traveling to europe 13 i’d like to know more about my dead relatives

14 i invent things almost weekly but don’t make them 15 i’ve wondered what it would be like to work for a #thinktank

16 if i had a superpower i’d want it to be instantaneous travel anywhere at the blink of my eyes & be able to take others w/ me

17 i want to get a PhD 18 i ❤ school/learning 19 #Madonna #WaltDisney #BarbaraWalters were my childhood inspirations

20 i think #journalism isn’t a job but a calling & am disappointed when its treated otherwise. bonus yes, i am an #idealist

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