Samar means an “evening conversation,” particularly an Arabic word for a night of conversation with music and poetry.


And like that all the fun, laziness, and togetherness of summer became a memory of the past. We look now to the rush of tomorrow.

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference in positive silence and negative silence. Their faces

look blank from here.

I love foreign travel but there comes a point when you need your own bed, ice, and

American toilet paper.

I wish I could remember: days without worry or fear; what it is like to fly; dreams that

end good; and what else I need at the store.

Toys clutter my house, like words clutter my mind. If only I could write cars, dragons and ponies into a sentence on the shelf.

Don’t get mud on your skirt. Watch out for snakes. Worms aren’t for tasting. Cloud

animal spotting? Yes!

In the dark Sola dances with bugs, pouncing into the shadows of the light, tossing and

flipping her tail, her paws, her prey.

Sometimes I like to look at old photos of my kids just to admire at how pretty they are,

then and now. ❤

I think I like to eat out so much so that I don’t have to read ingredient labels.

The bowl I pulled out of the cabinet to heat my Thai leftovers was made in Thailand.

Destiny fulfilled.
Sometimes I don’t want to be “better” than “them”… I just want to be one of “them.”


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