Olorun is the sky god of the truth, the god of victory over the odds, the god of destiny. The origins are Yoruba language speakers in West Africa.


Olorun Ashe spent his life as a newspaper man. He was the son of teachers. Olorun’s mission in life was to tell stories. For as long as he could remember he wanted to be a journalist. He spent all of his time in high school reporting for the paper, sharing the news of his school every morning over the announcements. He went to college on full scholarship studying journalism. He was focused. Parties, fraternities, none of these things could distract him. He couldn’t be bothered. Why would he waste his time wasting his time when he could be working a beat. Before he graduated, Olorun had a full time job at the local paper. After he walked the stage, he moved to the big leagues – an investigative reporter for one of the top papers in the country, the world.
News was his life. A life dedicated to facts and as much of the truth as he could muster. He knew truth was relative, so he always went the extra mile to get multiple people’s version of the truth in his fact finding. He double and triple checked his sources. He fought the odds of getting his stories in print, even when it meant fighting corporate and their advertisers. He had truth on his side and most of the time he won. So it was ironic when he was fired for fabricating his master’s degree. A man dedicated to the truth met his destiny at its hands. Olorun went on to found one of the world’s largest public relations companies.


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