Harper – One who plays a harp


HarpAuthor Harper Lee was back in the spotlight again in 2015 with her new novel Go Set A Watchman, a follow to To Kill A Mockingbird, and there’s popular Washington Nationals baseball player Bryce Harper, who was the first overall pick in the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft. Then there’s Harper’s Magazine, the oldest general-interest monthly magazine in America, which proclaims an “emphasis on fine writing and original thought Harper’s provides readers with a unique perspective on politics, society, the environment, and culture.” It’s just really cool. (Though a recent article calls Harper the Jennifer of the 2000s. Do with that information what you will.)

In the just-released Social Security Administration ranking of names list, Harper moves into the top 10 girls name list for the first time. Last year it was #11, #16 the year before, but about a decade before it was all the way down at #887.

Harper is an old Scottish surname. It is more popular as a last name than a first name, even though Harper moved into the top 10 names of 2015, with more than ten-thousand little girls given the name and 42,600 given the name in the last five years alone.

harper popularity

Harper has an unfortunate nickname of Harpy, which is “a rapacious monster described as having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey with a woman’s face.” So there’s that. But then John is also the name of a bathroom household instrument that flushes human waste. And it comes in at the 27th most popular boys name in the last five years, with 64,826 little guys named John since 2010. And it’s been popular for a long time.


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