Zilla: Hebrew name meaning, “shadow”

(Really makes you think about the name Godzilla, now, doesn’t it?)

I close the curtains up tight
so I can no longer         see
because  I am           scared (of being right)

because I know,             monsters are real (not only at night)
and I don’t want them to take you and me.
I close          (the curtains)             up tight.

I close             (my eyes)       wide and hide (safe? fright?)
inside (from the news stories)     I don’t want to be
(because I am)                                              scared: (right?)

of what I used to see; of their reality, of mine; of 4am’s blue light;
of what’s just    out of sight    in the shadow’s debris;
I close.                                   The curtains up tight,

I’m almost encouraged to pray,  but (not my plight)
I keep running (in place) away.    I need to be free.
Because        I am                            scar-ed. Might

we make it? Whatever can’t see you can’t get you, right?
I       close the curtains up                       tight
because I’m scared –

(of loosing us.)



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