Violet – a flower; a shade of purple. On the visible spectrum of light, violet light is at the end, with the lowest wavelength of 380-450 nanometers.


ROYGBV – The reality of rainbows, of colors has always perplexed me.
How do we know we see the same colors? Is my violet your red and his yellow and her green only we’ve learned what we see to be verbalized as violet? What if we all have the same favorite color? What if we all love what is violet the most, we just each see the colors differently so we call this one color by different names? That would be something to be able to prove. And it might be possible. Afterall, there is color science. This science says the color pink does not actually exist. That it is a trick our minds plays on us. They say we “think” we see pink but what we are actually seeing a mixture of violet and red light. Of course, this has sparked debate between theoretical and other science types. Of course it exists they argue, we all perceive pink so pink exists, even if there is no actual pink light. So then, the argument comes down to this – does something exist just because we believe it does? And if that’s so – what might our future hold in these troubling times? After all the beauty of violet can be knocked out with just one letter – the letter “n” can turn her into “violent” chaos.wordsincolorcode


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