Friday – from “day of Frige,” a goddess of wisdom in ancient mythologies.

Tuesday is unique with fiery red hair, doing what she can to stand out from her sisters. She’s smashed in between Monday and Wednesday, not bigger, not longer, not smaller, not taller. She’s a lawyer, a warrior, a grower of gardens.

Monday’s a dread, always wanting to be first. She flies to the moon and back in a few hours. Hardworking, ambitious, she’s a reality from the serenity of Sunday.

Sunday, she’s relaxed, easy going, some might call her a hippie. She’s flowers and trees, even bees… and desserts. She and Saturday, twins, rest while the others are working.

Saturday, called Addie by her sisters, is in charge of organizing fun. She is quick, runs like the wind and always goes by too quickly for her sisters’ liking.

Wednesday’s in the middle, but likes being the center of attention. She’s the wedding planner, a shape shifter, a healer, a magician, a bringer of victory. Her temperature rises too often, especially in the heat of summer.

Thursday wields a hammer, she’s fast as lightning, strong as an oak. She builds houses. A craftsman and an artist of both places and conversations, her presence is much anticipated.

And then there is Friday, the most beloved and beautiful of the sisters. Famously, his girl, but really Friday is the girl of no one. She is a doctor of the earth, a caretaker of words. She is always ready for a party. This poet sees the world differently than the rest.



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