Gypsy – A nomadic traveler, roamer, wanderer, and/or free spirit.

Houston, Columbus, Victoria, San Antonio, Austin, New York City, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Dallas – she’s lived in a lot of cities.
She never had that “home base” that seems to dominate the lives of characters in the movies, or like her husband had living in one town, one house from the day he was born until he left for college. Her family long gone from the blocks where memories formed. Left along with the sentiment for things anchored to location. Instead, places, people, instances would have to be valued, as experienced.
While she thought she should miss not having that “place” to be from, she didn’t really. Maybe that’s why they named her Gypsy in the first place? They wanted her to feel free, to roam. Every place was her hometown. Boards and nails and concrete and mailboxes didn’t house her past. She didn’t have to travel to be there. She was always there, living in the present, living for the future.
Her city wasn’t buildings and street signs and neighborhood parks. It was a delirious laugh storm with a friend on the train to Prague. The time spent in the car in South Dakota coming up with names for her future kids with her husband. The first steps of her daughter into the ocean in Santa Monica. Discovering shandys in Munich. Climbing a magnolia tree at her grandma’s house in New Ulm.
Gypsy’s home? Right here.



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