Callum means dove, bringer of peace. It is a popular Scottish name. My son Callum is indeed a bringer of my peace.

At 3 a.m. he crawled into bed. Warm, soft and gentle, he snuggled right in beside her, like they were again one, so close. His feet wiggled to find the right spot like a cat kneading the bed and purring, squishing his toes tight then loose under the sheets.C_letter
“I don’t want to sleep alone,” he whispered as he looked at her, deeply like no other, bringing her hands around his body, “I just need you.”
She had not been asleep, but now she was awake.
For almost a year, he grew closer to her than any boy before. The third time was, indeed, a charm. She had loved, but had never been adored quite like this.
Four years had passed since the day they met, yet she could still feel, and smell, that first time. Sweet innocence and safety, first breath of life. She wondered if somewhere in his unconscious he remembered too, as they lay under the covers. His body next to hers was subtle lavender dotting the air, a quiet calm and comfort to them both.
The morning would be just another, same old coffee cup, fight for time, a hug and kiss goodbye. But snuggled at this time of the shaman’s wisdom, there was clarity. If this is when the door to the soul opens briefly… he holds her key.
He turned to face her, grinned, exhaled, and held on tight. Her baby, once again, tonight.



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